December 31st, 2001

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ok, for those of you who are clueless,

go to my main page

there you will find a kitty treat.

otherwise, ive ben hacking like crazy. sleepin. i need to obtain a 25 foot ethernet cord today. i need to call speakeasy and spend 1300$. i need to kick some zombie ass in Resident Evil.
First things first.. must shower.

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happy new year!

god. im not sure whether to be happy or not!

S and S kissed. very sweet.

i shoveled more ice cream into my mouth, put the cap on, and got depressed. not really..but you know the feeling. theres three of us, and they are happy...and i basically have nothing to do when they decide to go to bed..which is about now.

i have other things to think about right webcams that work! yay!
lets think about that and work on some web pages, shall we?