January 1st, 2002

(no subject)

it smells like sex in the other room;)

my laundry is done. the cat is fed.

code veronica is tempting me.

how i wish my camera reached out to the main room!!!
i feel so guilty being out there and not in here...but theres only so many things i can do in this green little room of mine!
soon. soon.

cant stay up too late tonight. must wake up at 7 to go to work.

so, until im rich..
i wont be on cam from 8am - 6pm EST. cause ill be at work. :( i apologize.
if stacy is around, i might leave it on...but if shes going to be out, i might turn it off during the day to save the electricity costs, since noone is around anyways.
we shall see.