January 2nd, 2002

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rendering video from today.
im starting a new section...
details later when im rested..
later like tomorrow night.

ill be putting up the first one tonight...
well, putting up the link..and whenever wotty converts it, the link will work.

so, sometime tomorrow afternoon, i expect!!

i dont think stacy likes code veronica.
i dont think i like having to go to bed early for work tomorrw

on a more positive note, im liking my new keyboard...you know the kind. its clicks and feels fabulous.

this one is a compaq ps2 connection. simple standard.
clickity clack goodness!!

(no subject)

Zams for lunch.
A cheese sandwich with lots of vegetables. One thing about the holidays: afterward, im on a healthy kick. I literally eat so much junk that I dont want any more for at least 2 weeks.

i wasnt too late for work today, after sleeping in 30 minutes past my alarm this morning. Good thing too because im swamped here at work. Wish I could put in some sort of webcam here...but the management is not too keen on that sort of thing. Yay conservative Japanese company! Yay!

Anyway, unless you want to hear all about my organization of our yearly sales charts, I dont have too much to say. Ive been pretty absorbed my this sort of boring analytical thinking all morning.