January 3rd, 2002

(no subject)

yay! site is back on line.
the vids on the main page and the latest confession, and one of the glam party movies are not converted...
but other than that..
we're good to go.

girl must have live web site running always.
must have!

im turning in early. to get a full 6 hours of sleep. i CANNOT oversleep my alarm like i did this morning!

the cat rests on the lizard cage, and i look forward to crawling under the warm covers, the gates into slumberland.

(no subject)

i cannot get my website from work, yet i can get it at home. is anyone else having probelms accessing it? We are going some dns switcharoo right now, which i think is the problem, but i was just interested in how widespread the mayhem was today!

i ate so much junk food over the weekend that i am not hungry today. the clam chowder last night finished me off indefinately. i am worried that in a few hours, im going to be ravenous and eat bad things in the kitchen, but the thought of food, especially anything sweet just makes me ill.

there was ice on the sidewalk outside the building this morning. i almost slipped and fell on my ass. i hope its gone on the way out. pretty lame of the building crew, i think...since the subway exit it RIGHT there. ive not fallen on any ice for years...im due for a serious embarassing accident. soon. snow is declared for the weekend. yay! wish i had a back yard. and a dog and a snow suit, like the kid in the "The Christmas Story" .