January 11th, 2002

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ah shower fresh!

wottrod is installing a new modem, thus my video stream is down. just thought you'd like to know whats up!

im late for work again. i think sleep needs to come in pills..of dosages fo 10 hours so i never have any down time.

better get inventing...

(no subject)

just got out of a meeting. since im the show coordinator for the company now, i had the honor of leading a meeting regarding show logistics with the bosses. Went smoothly. Im pretty anal-retnetively organized when it comes to these things. Guess thats why im stuck with the job!

Since its sales meeting day, we have a luncheon. mmm, free catered italian! and chocolate cake for dessert!

renzo will be over tonight. we're doing dinner and a movie. hopefully the modem will be fully installed by then. granted, the cord doesnt reach into the main room...but at least you will be able to watch me slave in the kitchen from afar. id tell you what im making, but i cant give it away, in case he sneaks on here during the day.

ah, the problem of writing when you know who is reading!