January 14th, 2002

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How fabulous must working in the 51st St subway station be? Especially the announcer position. There is a man, the same man, who every day, for both downtown and uptown trains, has the joy of yelling at people.

"Step aside and let them off!"
"PLease do not block the doors on the Uptown train!"
"Let the customers off"
"Pull in your bags!"
"Do not hold the doors..we are trying to leave here!"

And it always seems like he's very aggravated. I think its his job just to sound aggravated and irritated to try and get us to move on and off as fast as cattle can.

ITs just a strange sort of happening that i am not doing a very good job at describing here.

Other subway oddities of the station:
THeres always a wooded flute player with his small band and tape recorder...either tooting the theme from Titanic, Wind beneath my wings, or some cheesy rendition of a Beatles song. Seriously!

The on the escalator, they hae put in a recording of a soothin woman's voice off and on with a soothin mans voice/ "Please hold hand rails. ...do not set umbrellas on the steps. "Face forward and no not run." Hold your childrens' hands on the escaltors. Have a nice day. ITs so 1984, or something.