January 15th, 2002

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on hold with verizon as i type this

i had strange dreams last night. going back to college in a bus...was riding with my high school buddy, ryan perala. he wanted to go to oberlin to some freshman parties to get laid. He was a senior. He was with someone else. Some other boy. We pulled up the the school...and everyone was lying out in the square. I didn't get off the bus.

The alarm went off.
I wonder what is happening with Ryan these days. Im sure my brain is reminded of him, due to the recent home movie dad send with our clarinet ensembles together. (Ack..jr high clarinet choir! ack!)
I wish i had his email. ITs lost somewhere. He's a great kid.
Speaking of that, I need to write to my old clarinet teacher, alan. god...all these old blasts from the past.
where did they all end up?

4 more years to the 10 year reunion. guess i will find out soon enough.

still on hold. why doesnt a god damn foreman call me back?! I only call every other hour!
This is so aggravating. My order with speakeasy will be cancelled and ill have to start all over...

talking with a woman who actually is calling the garage for me. Maybe she can do something..maybe. each rep is different. some try. some dont.

another break passes.
without a break.

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headway been made with verizon.
i was able to speak to a person.
an engneer is supposed to call me tomorrow to schedule a technician dispatch to separate the lines...so i perhaps may get DSL afterall..
we will see.

at least i have a person to talk to and a phone number to reach her and only her.