January 18th, 2002

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oh, it was the Theme from Titanic at the station this morning. I Accientally got off the W at Canal Street. Luckily the 6 connects there...

This is the third time this week that I have hopped off a train prematurely or gotten on the wrong train because i have been such a space cadet. My mind is just not on my physical location and current surroundings. I NEED to start focusing more. Its getting annoying.

I did get here 10 minutes early, which is why I can drop a line in here.

Friday. I hope it goes bt quickly. What to do tonight? So many options! Hmmm. Will have to give the friends a ring at lunch today.

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B&H is slow as ass...so i bought two 24 foot cables RCA..with connectors. going to test out this method. half the price too.

so, when i get home tonight, the video stream will go off for a little bit while i get those hooked up. with any luck, you will be able to follow me out into the main room tonight...and i can escape the bedroom! yay!

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im still at work...
My trucker lost a shipment to McCormick in California.

I have to track it down and finish 2 orders before I can go home.

Late Late Late.