January 19th, 2002

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whoops! its 4am

i have just finished sending off the longest email i have ever sent at 4am..except perhaps for that time i was REALLY drunk and really lusting over that one guy..
ok, just kidding.

in any event its time for bed. Between too much caffieine, lost chemical shipments, incompetant tradeshow organizers, incompetant phone companies, incompetant B&H customer service, incompetant spelling skills, impossible video game bosses, piling bills, and lack of sleep...im stressed out.

good night!

(no subject)

its snowing!! for once the weather people were correct. amazing!
i dont know how long it will go on, but i do know that getting the queen sized mattress is going ot be a bitch!

renzo is helping me!
oh he's...here!