January 21st, 2002

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its a fierce and fabulous satuday night!
wils birthday. yummy brunch and unlimited mimosas for 10 bucks! can you say semi sloshed in the afternoon? Ok, i wasnt too bad. I have pictures. Ill put them up tomorrow :)

im so sleepy. i thought i would write something amazing an uplifting since i wasnt on camera ll day, but im sleepy and so not coherant.

Ill be around all say tomorrow. MLK day rocks

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i must confess. I am a neat freak. I just back-ed up all my movies onto zip discs and CD-R's. Erased them all off my harddrive with such glee it was sickening. Look...im deleting huge files. YAY!

they needed to be backed up, and theres something about my life documented on computer discs, lined up eatly on the shelf that makes me feel like batman.

i like that.