January 24th, 2002

(no subject)

sorry the site is down! i have no idea what is happening. it suddenly went down and i have not heard a peep of explanation. hopefully i'll be back later tonight...i hope!

i havent talked with Renzo about the entry yesterday. I guess I should. I mean, not the entry, but my thoughts in it. No time for the drama. I just dont want to think about it and plod along how it was.

soup for lunch today. i forgot the split pea soup i made last night, while stacy was getting the VCR to finally work. i was shorta shoo-ed out of my room, but thats ok, cause its hella cold in there. the warm main room was intensly inviting.

ah, and stace: you did well this morning!!! im so serious. granted i was sleepy and non functioning..but you definatly said what needed to be said. luck luck.

gosh this soup is salty.

we are out of diet coke. annoying. i am sorta craving diet cherry coke. i might have to step out and see if i can find it. proly be 5$ and my first born child for a can. midtown is financially draining like that. i think theres crack in it. you know how crack and spending escallate. maybe not.
i guess i dont, personally.