January 25th, 2002

server update

from the man:

"COX is having a massive blackout on their internet service in San
It's still down here now and all tech support will say is that "parts
of San
Diego cannot connect to the internet" and "no estimated time of repair"

(no subject)

ok, so the server is back up, but the DNS is all funky. grrr
so, ill be going through all my pages later tonight, fixing links and such...so just bear with me.

grrr like a bear. yes.

i have fabulous stories to tell, but im making it into a crusades page to stand by itself. so...
im not going to go into it here.

lets just say that i didnt make it home once again last night. better take advantage of the time the camera is down to goof around. dont get too excited. i crashed a a gay guys house. but the rest is GOOOOOD.

i need to write emails galore. my typing skills are being derusted from the old days. :)