January 28th, 2002

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I'm feeling pretty good for four hours of sleep. I was kinda wired last night, and really in that working groove. When it comes, you have to go with it, you know? So, I finally went to bed near 3pm. Then at 4:19 (by my clock) I was rudely awakened by yowling. I knew exactly what was happening. Ifrit was bothering Pez. He cant leave her alone. He likes to test her. He edges up closer and closer until she growls and yowls like someone is hacking off her back legs, or something. So, at 4:19 theres, this screaming and hysteria. I yell at Ifrit from my pillow. The Screaming and growling continutes. I know he is not paying any attention to me. I get up, and hear the cabinet door slam (Pez has once again run under the sink and slammed the door behind her). Ifrit comes running around the corner. I get back into bed, scolding him.

Around 5:30am...rattle rattle. rattle rattle rattle. Ifrit is rolling his rattle toy around the floor. UGha. IFRIT! I yell. Shut up! I have to get up and take the toy away, stashing it under my pillow.

I slept in the main room last night because its so much warmer, and my queen size, comfy matress is more appealing than the flattened cheap futon mattress. I slept so well the last time I Was out there...but I CANNOT STAND being awakened by cats. PET PEEVE (no pun intended!!)

I seem ok. Sucked down a cup of coffee. I think I somehow managed to accumulate the right amount of REM sleep. you know how it is: you can sleep 3 hours, but not 4 (for example), or else you will awaken in the wrong part of the cycle, or something. Im definately not feeling 100%, but I definately could stay up until midnight again...and with work being so busy, im not passing out at my desk.

Emailed Renzo this morning. Hope his move is going well. Perfect weather for it. I miss him. I think I need some kisses. Soon.

Oh, yeah, and as you know, one of my best friend's was in town all weekend. ill be editing that video tonight. might as well wait until i post. a picture is worth a thousand words. a video is worth a million pictures. (espcially if its 115 Fps!) im such a geek.

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im kinda sad tonight, for no reason.
i called renzo. hes not around
my tummy sorta hurts.

im exhausted. the drummer boys next door are drumming.

yeah, strange down-ness
proly protein deficiency