February 11th, 2002

(no subject)

i feel better today. i can actually have 15 people on now and not get all bogged down!

Its stange how you feel so much better about the world when you arent fighting 100 battles: against verizon, against yourself, against things you create in your head to fight.

but ..mostly verizon. :)
As I posted in my club, i have a new link to click on for the stream...so please, before you just directly link up, check out the new hosting. Else you might be stuck with no connection and confused and ..well, thats no good!

My weekend has been quite adventurous. I have much to say, but Im afraid Ill have to record it, as typing in here would take me all night.

Progress is slow, but...progressing.
man, i am witty tonight
please, lisa, stop while you're just a little behind!!