February 12th, 2002

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i feel like running around outside and taking pictures of things: the sun glittering off the rooves of the buildings shorter than ours. sparkling water, an illusion of purity and non-pollution. What a difference the sun makes on the world outside the window! I forget how much the gray effects my mood. I've been slumping, but the solar rays have such an energizing effect! Even with the meager three hours of sleep I collected last night, I feel like I can stay awake if the clouds will just stay away a little longer.

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im trying the falafel lunchbox from the vendor guy right outside the front door.
its sooo good! only 3.50$!

A huge dish of saffron rce, salad, and falafel, smothered in tahini and hot sauce.
this is the life.
completely. i could not be happier at this very moment. chomp

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i have been out all evening in the east village watching a young lady from ohio get dreads permed into her long black hair. ah, the work of sonia. it will soon be me.

all i can say is this woman rocks. how cool to create art out of people? how cool to be good at it and have people want to show it off and come back again?

my hands are freezing. the apartment was cold. even the girl getting braids instead of the whole wet-headed perm was feeling the chill. her hair artists fingers working as if accompanied by john adams "short ride on a fast machine" her process was no short ride. 5 hours after id arrived, the lady with the braids was still being created.

april 13th. you must all come hither. and see her work. our goddess in the hair temple, ms sonia of hairpolice.