February 14th, 2002

(no subject)

its valentines day and i suck in the relationship department.
i even "broke up" with someone id seen a few times. so, its cant be called breaking up, really...but. ..
i dunno. shes great and im not even truly certain i made the right decision. im just sorta a mess in the romance house right now. i think that i need to clear it out, and do some spring cleaning before summer comes along.

i also need an industrial through my ear.

i also need to meet with this anime artist this weekend. im so excited!! if i like his work and can get to him to do some cartoons, id be THRILLED
my site needs a new look (which i am working on...). so much to do la de da.

yes, went to the piercing place with stacy tonight which took my mind off what an asshole i am.