February 17th, 2002


i went to all the trouble to scan the card of my favorite store (of the moment), and now it wont download. i have only a picture of the ring i bought there today in repentance for not getting that bar though my ear. the moons were not aligned correctly for such wounds.
in any event, its called Swallow:
361 smith St. in Brooklyn

and can i say LOVE ?

local and international glass design shop with an asian flair...beautiful handcrafted everything. jewelry, vases, bowls, windchimes, hair pieces, chopsticks, dishes, fountains, ornaments, this and that.
all GORGEOUS and highly original. heres the ring i got. its a huge moonstone that almost glows. goes well with my silver chrome nails.
the pic does not do justice. the store is amazing. i will have to go back often, especially when my bedroom is closer to completion and i have shelves to put these things on.