February 18th, 2002

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ive been working all day on the construction of my new bed loft. you always forget how TRULY fun assembly us until you do it again. At least it appears I have all the parts. One of the boards was miss-drilled. the holes were too small, and too close together on one end. this lottle problem called for some creativity on my part, which ended up partially splitting the board, but not enough to really cause instabillity. A little coat of paint, when i am finished, and im sure noone will be the wiser.
Unfortuantly, I need a second, and perhaps a third person to help me with standing the two ends and connecting the side panels. Looks like I will be sleeping in the main room for the next few days until I can find someone to recruit. I'd ask the neighbors, but I dont feel quite comfortable doing that since job will take a few more hours of hard and frustrating work. Better find a loving friend.
Preferably a strong boy.

so, i think im going to go sit my ass down on the couch and start code veronica over again, since i dont have enough health to beat the final boss. im a little bored with that game, but as i dont want to play silent hill 2, and my brain is tired from hammering boards, i just cant deal with setting up the atari.
maybe ill see whats online for macs. or maybe ill play digger, my fave childhood game. it on the video server.

(no subject)

i was just reading though my posts about the fruits book..and replying a couple times.

but it just occured to me, that i do have this new sewing machine mommy got me for christmas (of course instead of my antique singer that I REALLY wanted back home)

i was going to use it for making pillows..
but now im all inspired to add black beads to my black shirts.., you know