February 19th, 2002

(no subject)

to cut down on my "in front of the computer" ,non-talking time at home, im going to try and answer as many emails as i can pack into 45 minutes, during my lunch break.
this of course will vary if i have errands or whatnot.

and as i have been saying, im working on a site redesign, so ill be in front of the computer doing that for a bit.

but I AM trying to get back to everyone that takes the time to write me. cause you know i love you! :)

(no subject)

ok, i get home. the place smells like puke. there is cat shit all over my quilt. the phone has been turned off. fine, i have my cell.

the place is a mess from my construction yesterday. i cant be here tonight, or im going to go insane. i must get a strong friend to help me with this bed and put my room back into shape

i CANNOT live in disarray. it makes me feel like im insane.
going to take a shower and do my nails and try and feel pretty.

heading out to brewster's show at the Bitter End in the Village.