March 7th, 2002

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growl. im JUST leaving work. i want to go to the gym, but i cant cause the pool will close at 7:30 and by the time i get home...
well, we'll see.

wanted to go jogging outside, but its going to be dark when i get home. not a safe idea.
today was so gorgeous, i could die. really, from being locked up in this here highrise.

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i ran into Erik in Union Square station on my way home. he smelled of alcohol. at least, i think thats what it was. in any event, he's a student at the New York Film academy, which is right there on Union Square. I didnt have anything much to say. He invited me to a poarty at 129 Rivington, but I dont think I'll be moving my ass out of here tonight, what with work tomrorow (as THAT is an excuse)

yeah, i was at a lack of things to say. im finding myself less and less talkative right after work.