March 9th, 2002

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i was thinking that if we ever got fleas in this here apartment, it would be absolutely impossible to get rid of them. i have been scratching at my shoulder all morning.


motivating myself to get out and go jogging or to the pool. i just ate a bagel and some tea,so that needs to sit a while longer before anything strenuous happens. in the mean time, im encoding a confession and chatting with peeps.

i should put on socks, cause my toes are little cubes of ice!

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its sooo nice out. im so happy i went jogging.

im about to head over to the cemetary to take pictures. i also need to go back to rickys to get a slighly more red/ violet for the hair. this is slightly too orange, and i know its because i had an orange underlayer instead of violet

anyways, happy weekend!
enjoy it!

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ah, the bad stage again.
i learned that i used red boost enhancer last night, instead of hair dye.

if my hair is anywhere near the new color i have on it now, ill be in heaven and can finally send sonia a hair sample.

might get fired too...well, might get asked to change it. :(