March 11th, 2002

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my hair is OK!!!
Cynthia says "i love it! its so Soho!"
Angela says" What did you do to your hair!??"
Judy, Kohei and Kiyo say" Red!"
Gail says "Oh my god, I could never do that!"

It looks orange in the office light.
I cant do anything to it for a week or so..
Dont want the hair to fall out!

Im relieved. I had all this adrenaline build-up on the subway and elevator. So, when it was all good, i was all high for an hour. thats how nervoud I was about it.
i think i need it a shade darker. ill do it next week and send a sample to sonia. and then try and keep it that way until the extensions. thats the plan.

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on an entirely different note:
this afternoon, i get to find out how to and how much it costs to ship A 1000kg delivery from New Jersey to Columbia, South America


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oh and,
you know you have it bad when you leave open a VERY SWEET old email from the boy you are seeing cause he hasnt written to you today.

yarf, im mooshy.

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im in such a bad sorta mood afer work.
how does one get over it?

i dont want to see or talk to anyone for hours. around 9 a feel better and at 10 i wanna go to sleep

it sucks.