March 13th, 2002

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I Feel ALOT better today. And by alot, I mean that I am ME again. I can think straight. Still having food cravings (yesterday, I ate everything in sight!!), but ive been playing this little game where I can see if I can go an hour without anything, and when I do, I get one of the bananas I bought this morning after the pool. I know yur thinking: what a reward, but it seems to work with my brain. Silly, I know, but required.

So, Im taking charge with low sodium foods and no caffeine (except whats in chocolate). And yes, I really think swimming this morning helped. I worked out like a wimp: only half an hour. But, considering it was my first day back and Id told my boss id be in early, I decided not to push for more. I saw a brochure for some workshops and meetings regarding starting a YMCA Master's swim team. so, im going to check that out tomorrow night. It would be fabulous to kick my ass around with a real workout with other people on my tail 3-4 morning a week before work.

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im sitting here at work..calling the dr's office every half an hour (now down to 10 mintues) cause they keep telling me to call back...noone is availbale
hello, you have a girl freaking out on her medication ready to go balistic...and yur asking her to wait wait wait
i cant deal with the lack of ..something...

i hate doctors
and i hate the fact that since im sitting here, my boss keeps asking me to do things even though im not here
and i wish brewster would call me, like the other boyfriends in the office call their girls and ok o k
im freaking out

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totally started crying into the camera earlier
but i posted a new confession and cleaned. clorox wiped down everything.

im feeling pretty nauseous, so im going to take a hot shower and relax in bed with a book and some nice music. turn in early again. try and rest and get this out of me ASAP.

ill be up at 5:45 again tomorrow to hit the pool. my morning was really quite good, so i think i need to do that again.