March 18th, 2002

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mmm, cramps.

You know you work for a good company when the cabinet is fully stocked with Midol. Usually dont need it, but since my body is coming down off the drugs, it's being especially forceful this week.

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subway for lunch. i have to plan meals carefully now that im working out. i dont like to eat so much for lunch because its VERY expensive in midtown. easy to do if one does not work out. But, I know I'm going to blast through the calories in the pool later. Although pasta is the cheapest food, practically, its the most expensive around here, with all the special alfredo sauces and salad bars that charge by the pound. So, I guess I'm going to have to get my lazy ass up from in front of the computer in the evening and do some cooking to prep for the next day.
Pasta, rice, and couscous can all be made the night before. Bagels are 30 cents each. Gotta pre-pack lunch AND dinner.

At the moment, swim practices are in the evenings at 7:30pm. this is annoying because i generally get off of work around 5pm, so theres this 2 and a half hour gap i have to fill in. Cant go home because I'd have about 15 minutes before I'd have to turn around and come back into the city. It will give me a chance to do emails, and maybe possibly, i can meet up with friends for a quick dinner, or something. There's a few stores I've wanted to go to as well. I have some ideas for contraptions to hold the camera at different angles around my room using the industrial piping and hooks in the walls. I need to look at rugs...
Usually, I'm in the mood to go directly home after work, so I dont feel like shopping. Now there's just time to burn, so I'll actually be able to get around to it. All the apartment improvements suddenly stopped. I need to get that sewing machine out and closet bars built and and and...

everything from last night weighs on my mind, but im putting it aside to stew. Im just going to write a cheery email and leave it at that.

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ive been burning off the last hour at work doing randomness.
now its off to find some tupperware to carry that pasta i was ranting about.
then to the pool.

then home. i think practice is from 7:30 im shooting for 10-10:30. then bed. exciting stuff.

im gonna press for those morning practices so i have more time in the evenings.