March 19th, 2002

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my coworker is in pain still after yesterdays dental appt. that remindes me, after 3 years w/out health insurance, I havent gone. I should go. Shudder.

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"The shelf designated as Larsen B, 650 feet thick and with a surface area of 1,250 square miles, has collapsed into small icebergs and fragments, the British Antarctic Survey said. Before breaking apart, the ice shelf was about the size of Rhode Island......"

did this happen in an hour? a day?
i imagine this whole piece of matter collasping in a big underwater avalanche.

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woohoo! dumped again.
yup, no more Brewster. I know how to pick 'em. I saw it from a mile away. So, im not bawling or anything. It's a little bit of a relief, since it was rather more straining to be in limbo the last 2 days.

I will miss him. I did like him. and that was the fault. No, in fact, that was not the fault. Nonono.

the fault is, he didnt know how to deal with me liking him. its his fault. i wasnt in love. i was in the **im in the first giddy month of a relationship with a guy i think is cool*** god, can you blame me? yeah, its a bummer. and it hurts.

the good thing for you all is that you'll get to skip the mushy entries...
back to the new boy and hot sex on the camera every other week.
i think :(