March 26th, 2002

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the pool was smothering this morning. There was a sign on the wall to left of the entrance of the women's locker room:

Masters Swimming Starts Tonight!
Monday March 25th,
Tuesday MArch 26th,
Thursday March 28th.
(must have meant tonight as Monday)

Apparently 7:30pm- 9pm is the current schedule, with morning weekend practices starting on April 6th. I have to wait until summer for morning practices that start at 7am. so inconvenient. The fees are high too: 30$ a month (this on top of 78$/month for YMCA membership) and then the 29$ United States Swimming Federation Annual fee. But I have been wanting to get back on a team again. I guess no more clothes or hair dye or anything for a long time. :( As long as I dont lose too much weight, I should be ok.

(no subject)

got an email from brewster, just now, who seems very happy that i indicated that i was not upset and would be interested in staying on his mailing list. he says he second guessed himself many times, but still thinks this break-off is better for him.

wrench in the chest.
he seems cheerier now, and I guess that is the issue. always the OTHER person's happpiness. anyways, im not THAT unhappy anymore. i have my reasons. its just the element bittersweetness on an unsuspecting mind of a girl checking her email. the heart thump when she sees the name.

i am wearing renzo's sweater today. fits pretty well. better now that it doesnt smell like him. i feel as if i have a trail behind me, like ox bones in the desert.