April 8th, 2002

(no subject)

zonk. bonk. conk. shonk.
3 hours of sleep. the E train was so packed, I could not move my hands away from the lady's ass in front of me. I could not hold onto any poles because there were none near me. When the cars stopped, I lurched forward. When we rolled again, I fell into the person behind me.

The deli was a zoo. Waited 15 minutes for a bagel. A man spilled his whole large coffee all over his jeans and the floor. His face was wrinkled with pain, and the annoyance of newly wet burning black jeans. Someone knocked the M&M box off the candy display in front of the registers. Swearing. A water bottle rolling around on the ground. I walked out into the street with my breakfast and almost tripped twice. Surrealness.

"Lisa make it to the office. Make it to your chair. Sit down, and don't make a fool of yourself."

the coffee almost slips.

"nope, dont fall asleep. grasp the cup. tightly."

25 minutes late into the office. Strawberry blonde hair. The security guard asks me if I am a secret agent, with all my changes.

Elevator. "floor 41. pay attention. dont get off on the wrong floor. Whoops...dont drop your coffee. floor 36. wait....40...wait...41. thats right. dont fall down."

I plop into my seat and begin sorting through work. Coffee. Lots of it.
Exhausted, trembling.