April 26th, 2002

(no subject)

i push my lips together, spreading the newly applied lip balm. i watch it glisten in a lip balmy sheen, tracing the minute vertical wrinkles and the split down the middle of the bottom lip. chapping from my sickness. i look deep into my eyes and say my name. i can see my breath before it frosts the mirror pane. cold, like a January day. I am dead. Farther into my pupils, a silhouette of a girl, dark. i cannot tell where she is or who she is looking at. Deeper. The lens zooms in on my face, then past, far out. Turns harshly to show me standing on a lone high cliff against the sunset. A strong evening wind. Warm yet unfeeling. A momemt, and a theatrical pull back to find this all in my dialated, dark pupil. Where? I mouth the words. the mirror fogs. A dream and reality meet.

im must leave on an errand. i open the door and step out. the girl in the mirror, on the cliff, now in the darkness, watches me go..