April 30th, 2002

hectic morning

Being that it's Golden Week in Japan, no one is around in our Japanese office to assist with my questions. This can be good or bad. Good because I won't get asked to do anything. Bad because for some reason, my Chemical people decided to make lots of paperwork mistakes that really needed to be fixed before Friday. And Bad because a US supplier wont be able to ship some containers of product to my Foods people and I need to reschedule before the B/L date, next Tuesday. Perhaps this is all import/export jibberish, but it is my life from 9-5. So, you know...

Hectic has my life been this morning. Just got to lunch about 2 minutes ago. The afternoon will be shorter, and I just missed a call from one of my bosses in Chicago. So, life is ok.

Nothing exciting or profound to report today. I was not very observant on the walk to the train station this morning. I was in a hurry after oversleeping my alarm by half an hour, and then giving the clock the finger by taking a 20 minute shower even under these circumstances. I rejoiced that laundry had been done last week, and my basket contained a plentitude of clean undies and black socks. My belt was easily found on the floor, and a pair of warm wooly gray pants was resting right in reach. The trains behaved. I squeezed into the office only 5 minutes late. I feel tired again today and congested. No headache. I must be slowly getting better. A little nosebleed though, so I am hesitant to swim until that heals.

I slept without JC last night, and it was the hardest thing. It's so cold without another body. How quickly I have grown used to him. Not a taken-for-granted thing by any means, but I have stretched roots into him, and I feel like a weed tossed out on the cold pavement without him. Nothing I can't deal with, but a less desirable position. The Fatal Frame did not help either. I wasn't wigged out, exactly, but I kept thinking about the game and wondering about the real haunted mansion in Japan. I wondered it if was a tourist trap or really a place where people feared to venture. If it wasnt a tourist trap, it must be now, with the game. I started to think about ghosts, and quickly put it out of my mind. Sleep. No ghosts.
Everything was suddenly creaky.

I need to pop into the kitchen and get some lunch.