May 8th, 2002

(no subject)

on my afternoon break.
got my hair chopped all off today. its about an inch long again. yay! looks really nice. half blonde half brown, so ill have to rebleach it, but this time, it wont be so fried. looks cool like this too. with the brownish roots blending with the blonde, it looks almost semi believeable! woohoo!

back to dispoable hair. this is the way it should be. length is for the boring at heart.

meanwhile, ill be home tonight. dunno if JC is coming over or not, since he has massive C++ homework to get cracking on. and i think i remembered something about a nap in one of his emails
nap= not working during the day= no james tonight. :(
tis ok. i THINK i will survive. i think.

i am so attached, its sick.
im happy.