May 16th, 2002

(no subject)

i have this hide and seeksore throat going on. here i am!
and then i forget about it until i have it again and realize that i didn't a second ago.

annoying. this little virus is trying to creep up on me. but i know it's there. im going to take vitamin C and try and get some sleep.

JC will be over later. We were supposed to go see Star Wars, but he was conned into a double shift at the restaurant, so he'll be over around 12am. I'm thinking I might go meet him, but I'm also thinking I should get some videos done, and replay that hour of FF 10 that I played and then died before I found a save point. (blah!)

But first! I must check out my bank accounts and write checks to those who need to be paid. I got the joy joy joy down in my wallet...