May 30th, 2002

(no subject)

fried cucumbers. fried onions. fried garlic.
pink lemonade.

fat happy humans.

laundry done. sheets clean. clean kitchen. trash bagged.
i cant explain how at peace i am. the chores are done and the boy and I are retiring to sleep.

the fan blows around the warm air.

train horror story

i was traveling to work this morning on a packed W train.
packed. packed.
the guy behind me was right on my ass, literally. i felt him swinging back and forth. i pulled my butt forward, but he
pushed forward as well.

swishing with the train...

i felt him getting hard. ewww. sickness. horrible. he
wouldnt pull back. i was going to say something, but i
couldnt tell if it was his fault, or is it was just
because...of the movement, or something.
but the more i pulled forward, the more he pushed forward.
i was standing with my hips as far out front as i could go
without me falling over. his hand kept sliding down the
rail until i touched mine. I inched mine down, and his would keep sliding. i moved my grip to the overhead rail.

pacific street to Canal street. The longest leg of the journal. ewww.
it was hot and humid. stuffy.
smelled like annoyed cattle-prodded people.
the longest ride ever.