May 31st, 2002

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ok, i passed out at 7:30, and woke up at 4:20. Whoops. I kinda like this schedule though. i am more productive in the mornings than in the evenings. i can focus because i havent worked all day and napped on the train.

after falling asleeps and almost missing my stop, on the way home (i was in a seat with no turned-on male behind me), i thought a small nap was an order. small. nap.

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ah, yes. friday. i went out for lunch today. Big splurge. $3.00 for a 6 inch veggie max. The rad thing, is I was charged the 3.00$ for a 6inch veggie sandy instead of the 4.50 for the veggie max. a good friday it is indeed.

feeling pretty good, even if my sleeping schedule was wack last night. i wonder if i am going to be 3 hours off tonight. hmmm. As long as I dont pass out on the train again, it's all good. I'm heading up to James's place tonight. Dunno what time. I dont like walking around up there late at night, but there's not much to do when I'm there. I gues I could chat! what a novel concept!

Let me pause a moment to drool like Homer over my sandwich. These things are extra special when ya dont get them all the time.

The girl who is always yelling at her partner was not walking to the train station this morning. she wears leggings, has HUGE calves, huge long hair, a beaky nose, and is always telling the person she's walking with how dumb they are. i always mean to write about her, but I forget when I get to work.

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i just told my stacy that i have to move out.
i feel terrible. but, i have to face up to the fact that i made a really bad financial decision. james or not. it really has little to do with him. he could leave me tomorrow (god forbid) and I'd still have to find a new place.
i love my roomie. i love my place. but i cannot afford it. hear that world? yes, i admitted it.
i cannot get ahead on my bills. i cannot eat out. i cannot buy new clothes. i cannot buy lunch more than once every couple of weeks. i cannot expand my project as I have been wanting to. i came here to live. not scrape by in a state of financial depression.
there's 2 options. increase income, or decrease costs. I cannot imagine taking on another job again. So, it looks like I need to decrease costs. Considering that James has been paying for me to eat, since i met him, and I dont buy new things (only allowing myself one frivee expense 30$ or under a month), there's not much to decrease.

ah, the adventure continues. i think stacy is upset with me, but i dont know what to say. i love her, but im digging myself into a money hole if I stay a month longer than my lease.

I won't be leaving until September.
I dont know what will happen to my project.

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at home. the dishes are overflowing like so many goldfish.
the salad dressing really does taste like mayo.

i think i might go back to this place I know in Billyburg and see if I can sell some shoes. maybe, maybe not. it's hard to tell what they will take and what they wont.

anyone out there buy books?
i have random stuff.