June 1st, 2002

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could the day be any more beautiful? i think im going to go to the park. i got up at 9 this morning with James. He had to run off to school, so I have been lounging around watching a bad movie and munching on rice cakes and water. I am anxious to get outside, but slow moving, so it has taken me this long to motivate to the I-must-update-livejournal-real-quick-like-before-going-out stage.

I have much to think about today. I think the park will do me good.
But first, off to Billyburg to see if I can sell any of my shoes. I'd like to buy a popsicle while I am there.

(no subject)

well, im off to the park. it will do me good to have some air.
after talking with stacy, i became more confiused that ever.

then i talked with my mom. good ole mom.
granted, some of the chat was about iodine aquisition and calcium tabs in the event of the nuclear party between paks and ind....

but she helped me sort the main mess out a bit. one of her best pieces of advice: disentangle your emotions from your realities. (and learn how to spell :P ) whether it be from stacy or james, or whoever. outline my goals, somehow, and move toward them. im a little balked in that area, since i have so many, and yet none.

i still need to talk with james about him moving in/ me moving out/ blah blah
hash options.
i wish i had a concrete answer right now.
i hope to later.
i will give her a call none the less.

life is quite the adventure. i think noone can say that we two girls are not worthy of broadcast! real world, eat your heart out.