June 3rd, 2002

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i wrote one last post in ms. stacys livejournal.
its time to move on.
i keep rehashing everything, but it makes me so unhappy that I can't get anything done at work.
there is nothing to defend.
i will do what i can regarding the landlord's decisions over lunch.

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the day is zipping by quickly, proly cause i have to much on my mind.

i was thinking about calling in "sick" today, but considering it's sales closing day, I need to be here. I'm harassing our freight forwarder because I need some scale tickets (documents indicating the weight of chemical the customer received, as weighed by the customer) in order to finish invoicing some deliveries for May. Grr. Grr. I was forced to go with the trucking company I don't like since the contract was decided and prepaid by our home office.
Ah, a normal day, really.

In other news, I had the honor of being asked to attend the 5th Annual Glammy Awards last night. Granted it was to be a performer's videographer, but hey, a free party and free drinks...im into it. Basically the Glammy Awards recognize the most outstanding drag queens in New York City in several catagories (lipsynching, best dressed, best dancer, best overall show, best singer, best club night...etc etc) Totally fun. Ms. Debbie, lead singer from Blondie was there as well, to give away the award to a person who was most inspiring in the community. I should have known who the person was, but she was a punk rock tranny who was one who stood her ground at Stonewall. Very cool. As one queen said: "yeah, all you muscley Chelsea boys walking around thinking yur so tough, when it was we girls standing up to the police. Yeah, thats right!"

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i just spoke with the landlords. I asked them all about what fees needed to be paid. I reminded them to send me a lease.

I told Sarah straight up that that it was not right to throw someone out of their home because one roomate is leaving. My good credit is as acceptable as the next persons good credit. She agreed and asked me about Stacy's job situation. I told her Stacy was doing well. That things were looking up.

She then told me that if another individual or couple in good standing wanted to take over the lease, that considerations could be made. I hope this is true. I hope Stacy does not call and get another story.
I did what I could.

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ok, there comes a time when it matters not who believes they are right or wrong. i have a roomate on the edge. i have a friend who I care about in dire need of someone. shes reading my journal and hers over and over because there is noone there.

lets stop.
i have received the words "emergency room" in an email, and i cannot tell you how much that scares me. as much as she may not think so, i need a stacy pershall to be here. i may not live with her in 4 months, but that does not mean that i do not care. i need her here.
Im going to finish up here at work asap and go home and take care of her.
stop stop
my heart hurts
and hers even worse.