June 5th, 2002

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no posting (Cept this of course) or reading in livejournal today either. another break day is good. Trying to balance out my finances over lunch. change all my statement dates so I can pay everything on the 28th of each month. it's amazing when I ask the customer service reps: is this date ok? is it at the right place in the billing cycle so that if i pay on the 28th, it'll cover the min. payment for the month?

they dont know so they say: well, you need to put it where you will be satisfied...because im a customer satisfaction rep. I sigh. i guess it's nice to know that by the time i ready to die, i might actually know how to do everything, like i thought i did when i was 14.

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its pointless to be here.
i cant be creative right now.

i think im going to go to macys, try on expensive clothes and take pictures in the dressing room.
then again, with the crowds...
i dunno.

im going to wander.

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the cats ore ok. i loved on them all tonight, refilled the water dish and bought more food.

im glad that there are 3 of them here so that noone gets too sad.