June 8th, 2002

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so i walk in and the bathroom light is on, with the fan blowing. Stacy's bag is open on the floor...but there's no Stacy. I'm pretty sure she has to work at some point today, so I guess I'll head on over later to the shop.

It's kinda strange her leaving the light on and her bag here if she's already permanently left for the day.

anyone know where she went?

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i had some photography plans today, but they sorta fell through.
so, instead, im rendering a confession, and updating my site, which has fallen into a state of sadness over the last 2 weeks. ifrit seems to have found the only black clothing that i left unexposed and has made it into a catmat of white hair.

its a gorgeous day, so i cannot be inside the whole time. i have a few things i need to do online. i also want to review the footage I tooke for Milan, at the glammy awards, last monday. i received a call yesterday and she wants me to be her videographer. i might edit sometimes, but film always..and that is the fun part, in terms of other people's work. and the best part: ill get paid. not much to begin with, but more than wil, and in concept, more in the future. honestly, im just happy to be expanding my video talents out into the NYC gay art community. Milan (Dwayne) is great to work with. Gracious, but responsible, demanding and he follows though with his ideas. We'll see where this goes...

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i can hear the screams of people hit by cars, shot down in terror, bombs exploding.

It's Liberty City on my TV set, and I dont really want to partake in any of it. Im also very sleepy, and as good as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich sounds, ive gained 5 lbs, and i dont need to be muching that before bed. mmm, pb and straweberry jam on wonder bread. James loves the whole wheat crached nut twig shit. Im all about the white stuff. Granted, I appreciate HealthNut/PepperRidge Farms sourdough or buttermilk white, but theres something to be said for good ole wonder bread. i know you all think im sick, but i can eat it plain. crunch a slice down into a little dense cube and pop it.

mm, wonder pops. all the rage.

yeah, sleepy. i commuted from Harlem to Park Slope, then back to Harlem, and then back Here. I am sooo sick of the D train. Thats 4 hours of commuting! It goes by quicker than work does, oddly enough, but still. I wonder if there is a bus that would go from here to the lower east side (where James wants to roam tomorrow)
ill have to check on it.