June 9th, 2002

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taking off.
i think we might go to budget china town. but, maybe not. not sure if i am in the mood. maybe go to the park, instead.

then i have a meeting at Fez with Milan. Then heading up to Harlem.

See you tomorrow evening!

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back at james's. we toodled around the lower east side for a bit. I hadnt explored there much, so it was a nicde change of pace. Coincidentally enough, I was reading random entries in Zagat last night, and theres this place called "Grilled Cheese NYC". As you might guess, it's a joint that only serves up grilled cheese sandwiches. I was thinking i absolutely had to go there at some point. Well, that some point was today. We walked right by it. James points" hey, there's that place you were all excited about "
i guess that point wasnt really today. Being that it was a million degress out, i want in the mood for cheese. I got a little sun today. 2 hours outside, and I was whiny cranky girl and ready to take cover. heat is one thing, but direct sunlight is another. i like to be in for short periods...say...up to 30 minutes, ..then i need to get out of it. i get so tired and drained. We stopped at the Lotus Bar, made our way to Homeland Cafe and Used bookstore ( a completely volunteer place that donates all the money made to AIDS research and relief). I was, at this time, EXTREMELY cranky. Hungry, mostly, and exhausted. Milan called to change plans: meet at Starbucks at Astor place at 6 pm instead of 5. The meeting went well. Looks like im going to be the official videographer for this monthly party at Splash Bar NYC. Also has some other filming/editing work for me.
Im stoked. Something I like doing for pay! Wont actually cover anything huge, but it will cover the cell phone bill, and dent the utilities (which I havent even been able to pay for the last month!!)
ok, James is tickling my butt.
Im going to kick his ass!
a hem...scuse me! :)