June 11th, 2002

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i feel better after my nightly nap. I forget the effects of hard alcohol on my brain. I know alki is alki,but beer makes me happy. Hard alki makes me sad. Well, not in the beginning. I get hyper and happy, but I always have the sudden mood swing and get sad for no particular reason. I left James's all bummed, but I knew it was just the drink making me tired and cranky. Went home, and instead of working, I crashed out as soon as my head hit the pillow. I left the door open for a while, trying to be nice to the kitties, but the constant crinkling (Ifrit, king of krinkle)and the creaking of the lizard cage top (skutch likes to sit up there)were distracting from sleep.

Gross story for the day: on the W train. Zoning off. I look down and this Chinese man had his head hanging, sleeping away in his seat. This long line of drool was stringing out of his mouth onto his arm and running in a little river to his shirt.

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cheerios with equal
2 cups of lipton vegi-add-water-soup with saltines
sour patch kids x 3 pieces
bowl of popcorn

now, lets see...which nutrients am i NOT deficient on?