June 13th, 2002

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i just aquired some edible glitter from watson foods. i was thinking i could use it for dirty stuff, but its real intent is for candies, baking, and they even have a chip example (ridged chips with green glitter!)

its supposed to be tasteless and full of vitamins. healthy. strange.
im not sure it would be good for licking off of someone. too bad its not sugary, slightly.
mm, sweet, healthy, fat-free sex.

i have a headache from drinking 2 cups of coffee and eating no food. waiting on the catered italian lunch. mmm, lunch. i need a snack though. i think ill have some soup.

(no subject)

IVE BEEN LOOKING AT Http://www.strayfromtheheart.org
THINking of becoming an "angel".
i dont havemoney, but i do have time. i really want a doggie, but i cant have one. it seems like a good way to pretend i do.
ive been looking at all these volunteer. im gonna see if james would do it with me. maybe we can play with our doggie all day on sundays, and walk him a couple times a week..bring treat and toys and stuff when i can afford to.

im totallycrying right now too. i can never go to those sites without tearing up.