June 22nd, 2002

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james just drew all over my love handle with a black pen. it started out being a smily face, but it tickled, so i jerked and then it became a yarn ball.
so, we got up. we had sex. i made apricot walnut loaf and tea. I picked up these fake bacon bits at the foods show, so i made a egg and cheese and bacon bit sandwich. yummers. we were looking at polaroid cameras online. i cant believe you can get them for 35$!! those things used to be outrageously expensive. i dont know why i would ever think that they would cost even close to a digital...but then again, i always assume that anything cool and involving cameras must be expensive.

(james is brushing my hair)

we were looking at game systems online too. a sega dreamcast is now 50$. a new one. another surprise. sega had some good games...crazy taxi...soul calibur. i suppose they make all those games for other consoles now. there also this deal where if you turn in an old playstation at electronic boutique, you can get a ps2 for 100$. seems like a good deal. i think ps1's are mega cheap now. less that the 99$.

(james is sticking his feet up my shirt in the back)

anyway..yeah, back to the lowdown. some garden burgers are cooking. im supposed to go to this bbq tonight at wil's. i need a shower. im trying to lure james into bed again.

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back at home.
meeting tim in carroll gardens at 10:45. Ordering sushi at Fan. Take out. Going to a BBQ. Meeting James.

Im hot. words are hard. thinking is hard.
my stomach hurts. im hungry but it is too hot to eat.