June 28th, 2002

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im off the the warehouse. 2 pallets of product were destroyed during shipment from Japan. pictures must be taken. paperwork must be created.

good for me. 40 minutes there. 40 minutes back. An hour are the warehouse. I'll be back just in time for lunch. Yes this is a slacker Friday, and I'm looking forward to it.

my shirt is too short and I keep having to pull it down. I think it shrunk a lot.

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yay. my boss bought me lunch. i love it when he does that! :) so i have 4 pieces of tofu satay from dinner at Spice last night (courtesy my beautiful boy), and a yummy mozzarella tomato pesto sandy from Cosi. Mmmmm.
the warehouse was well...a warehouse. seems like a place that one of batman's criminals would hide out in, or something. drums and bags and cartons of our products lined on racks. dunno if many of you are familiar with pallets. these are the platforms that product is shipped on. the platforms have two hollow recesses through the middle so a forklift can stick through. So these racks with pallets with product on top are 20-30 feet in the air. The little Nissan (the name Nissan means "Japanese Industry", BTW) forklifts run around, and the lift raises 30 feet in the air and slides into the pallet, (keep in mind, the pallets carry anywhere from 600-1800lbs) pulls it from the rack and gently sets it down. its just so strange to me that the pallet and lift are so agile and strong.

It's a beautiful day. I am lucky to have had the chance to be outside in it this morning, while still getting paid. I dont get back from lunch for another half an hour..so im hoping that the workday will swish by so i can get to the weekend.

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james was supposed ot meet his friend, but he got his haircut instead.
im meeting him for a drink at republic. im too full to drink, but maybe ill have a soda, or something. :)

swoosh! its the weekend! (i think i stole the swooshing from scottbateman)

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not at st james place. coming home though.
we spent a good hour after work gauking at the items in the japanese market in Little Japan. We're dumb. Like Ifrit. But we found some tasty soy crackers to munch. James is starving. Im not. We decided to go on a diet as of this evening. I am planning to lose 10 lbs in July. Thats the goal. It would help if I weighed myself before starting. huh, novel idea. Dumb like Ifrit. I think the heat lowers my IQ. Any ideas on this theory?

James is showering. His haircut looks nice, but I still like him with long hair. We're talking about what color to dye the racing stripe. I bought some dark brown hair dye. I dont like this washed out brown I have now. I want to just dye it brown and grow it a bit.

(breaks for water)

anyway blah blah.
its the weekend. rock. no alarm clocks allowed.
well, one for james. hes gots to get up at 7:30. lame.
poor thing. gotta lov ethe brunch shift.
gotta go so he can check his application status at NW'rn.