July 1st, 2002

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ill be posting pics from the Pride Parade on Tuesday.
time for some zzzz's :)
hi ho. im a work slut. I prepare to sleep so i may prostitute myself to corporate america for 3 more days before my vacation!

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its a bad day. the train was packed and hot. the 15 minute jaunt up to T-Pro's apartment to get the video from my tape is not a 2 hour journey, since i left it at home (i did remember the camera however, as requested...bleh). I dumped Cheerios all over the floor in the kitchen. I found a stock error, which resulted in an hour and a half extra work this morning. its all about having to go back and do everything over. ridiculous. im getting cranky about 5 hours before i normally do.

my hair is plum black. the ends actually took last night. i havea feeling it's going to fade quickly.
im cranky.

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yay! my vacation is in 2 1/2 days! cant wait! a whole 11 days to veg, work on my project, and plot my future. oh and dont forget NAP.
in the meantime, im enjoying some green jello. and wouldnt you know, it has NO GELATIN in it! vegi jello. mmm. its green.
with pineapple chunks in the greeeeen-ness. did i mention it was green? cool. jiggle jiggle. its one of the simple pleasures in life and i picked it up while shopping at the foods show in Anaheim. jiggle, like my tummy.

its almost time to return from lunch. i am craving chocolate, but since Jamie and I are on a diet, it's not allowed. I had chocolate instant breakfast shake this morning. that should be enough, yo. cereal. cheese and tomato sandwich, water, and jello. that is QUITE enough for now.

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i got st. james place working again.
all it took was the lisa touch. james was telling me the camera wasnt responding.
oh, i got it to respond all right...a little threatening...you know. :)
i had a few bits of coffee yogurt. bad for the diet, but good reward for getting the camera working. i had corn on the cob for dinner. Urban Organic. Sweet, not cardboardy. smothered in pepper and a little salt and butter. YUM. and some crunchy, slightly bitter lettuce, with a drizzle of italian dressing. yay! i love summer vegis. so do the roaches..
:( i was going to put a garbola bag into the garbola, but there are none, so i put the corn shucks, leftover munched cobs, and outter lettufce leaves in this paper bag. not sure its a good idea. i feel like ill see the floor scurry away in the morning. note to self": in the next place, be sure the roach community is under control.

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ok, back again. i wasnt done typing, you see, but the camera needed to be adjusted for my / your viewing pleasure. im so happy to have the st. james place back!! i spend so much time over here, it was a complete shame that my site was left humanless all this time. im sooo sorry!!!

anyways...more i the news
last night, james and i were arriving at his place to pick up some necessities before scooting back to brooklyn. well, there was this older kid on his bike screaming at these younger kids. i knew what is was about. the firecrackers. they had those poppers. the ones that come in a handfull, like paper candles. they threw one at me the last time id come over and it popped right behind me. i had stopped for a nanosecond to check if i had been shot. i though i had, seriously. i waited for the pain. i kept walking, but i waited for the blood. nothing. i relaized the shots were explosions. my head hurt, and i almost started crying. i held it in though, as suddenly i felt like all the black people were checking to see if i was faltering. i kept walking until i got to the apartment. i was irrate.

well, the boy was yelling and the kids were yelling back. a large woman sauntered over and told the kids to play on a different block. they were setting these things off pretty continuously. they were rude and she finally walked away. we passed,and i was happy nothing happened. we get the apt and do our thing, and leave about 15 minutes later. the kids are there...suddenly james jerks and an intolerably loud cracker goes off about 2 feet from my left ear. i i thought i was deaf. the hearing came back almost instantaneously, but my ear hurt. that thing had almost hit my head. i called out for james, but he was stomping toward the kids.
"hey, you hit my arm.."
I looked down, and there was a small burn mark, like a cigarette end.
"no we didnt"

"yes you did, and it hurt"
a few of the kids looked dismayed but two were cocky. they started pulling the race card on us (keep in mind these kids are proly in 6th grade). go back downtown. leave us alone, you white people.
james says "you wanna start something..come over here. you hit me with a fucking firecracker..."
the kids were all talk and no action..well, until the light changed. we started crossing the street and they started throwing firecrackers at us!!! i couldnt believe it. did it not occur to them that this thing had gone off inches from my head? had it not been for it hitting jame's arm....

i was so pissed and angry. i was going to call the police. but that would just get me involved in something. i would have to go back uptown and find witnesses and talk to the kids...
i wanted to call the police and just say "go check out this corner. they are bothering everyone and endangering other people and themselves"
i secretly wanted they to blow off a hand. i knew it was a bad thought, but fuck, those kids almost deserved it.
James told me not to bother. Even though firecrackers were illegal in the city, they proly wouldnt do anything about it. "How could they not!!" i was so shocked. "if i took a gun back there and pointed it at the sidewalk and shot it, after they assaulted ME with firecrakcers...id be the one in trouble.
reverse racism. lame.
as you can tell, im still pissed off. i told james i was coming up on the other subway from now on..coming in from the other direction. i assumed those kids wouldnt have crakcers after the 4th..but i diodnt want to be harassed by their memories. james says "im not afraid. those kids cant scare me off"
"they scared me off," i said" i dont care. if they want that corner, they can have it"
im coming in on the 1/9, instead of the A.
i dont want my head blow off.

grrr, im still mad. and theres nothing to do about it except just avoid them, like they want us to.