July 2nd, 2002

(no subject)

im outta here!
im going shopping for mommy. today is her birthday, and ive been fretting about what to get for the woman who has everything. no jewelry, chocolate, flowers, clothing, cosmetics, food...

i think im going to run by this store in chelsea called "details". its all these home accessories, all fagged out and perfect color coordinated, with a touch of class and edgyness. they had some nice embroidered pillows. my mom has this tan chair in the TV room. Perhaps a nice red pillow would accent things...or a silver pillow, considering the rest of the colors are light green and earth tones.
if i cant find anything there, im going to run by this glass shop in brooklyn. they sell, yes, glass stuff, but albums with decadent handmade paper, chopsticks, asian inspired knick knacks. i need to find something original.

yeah, so thats where im off to.
ill be back home later.