July 9th, 2002

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pet peeve# 2959:
no water. stacy and stephen had to deal with this too. but now im on vacation!!! i want to wake up late, take a shower whenever, but noooo, te water gets turned off at 8am sharp..not back until 4pm. annoying. i cant drink, brush teeth, or shower. i used the little ass-tasting drips to brush this morning,and the light drizzle in the shower to wet down my hair. this is so annoying. dont let me forget to ask james to bring over some water on his way home from work.

in the mean time, its off to the gyno to be prodded while she asks how my day is. this is the same one who prescribed those BAD pills, but i have to go back to her in order to get a year prescription of the good ones im now on. sigh. i hate they gyno. hate.