July 15th, 2002

(no subject)

it's a shitty day at work. period.
lots of papers on my desk, and im in trouble.
i have a "meeting" with my supervisor later.

i wanna go home!

(no subject)

thank goodness for boyfriends who make too much falafel for dinner so their hungry girlfriends can have pita pockets for lunch at work on bad suck monkey ass mondays! woohoo!

thank goodness for 9-5. I know when I get back from lunch that i only have 3.75 hours left.

thank goodness for lunch breaks where I can go outside and play around in the smelly summer concrete jungle and still appreciate it cause it's not inside at my desk

yay for edible red glitter that still sits on my desk.
yay for the my missing tape dispenser
yay for free tea
yay for getting paid today so my withdrawl for the urban organic delivery doesnt bounce