July 21st, 2002

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at 11:30am, i took a nap

i was in these classes and very sleepy...
about ice. i was in these classes, lying down. the classes wer about differnet kinda of ice. the dog was running around on the roof of the plane as we flew. the roof was a small sheet of ice. we were flying over a big sheet of ice. i answered a question corectly and then drifted off to sleep. when i woke up, i was the only one on the plane. there had ben two others (one of which knew how to fly). the dog was barking at me on the roof. come in!, I said. He just barked. the ice below looked like it was separated into tiny rectangles, didnt occur to me o call mayday. I had to figure out how to fly this plane. Suddenly, we were tilting way to the right and down. we were going to crash! I grabbed the stick and pushed right a little. I didnt know if right meant right, or ifthere was some opposite effect. The place tilted more right. I was freakin about the plane flipping over and spiraling down. so i immediatly jerked the stick the the left. it straightened, but it seemed we were still going down. I pulled back on the stick, and the plane leveled a little. I called for the dog on the roof..but nothing, he wasnt there any more. suddenly i see before me the sea. I couldnt go down on the sea. id die, get washed under. freeze. i HAD to land this plane. i pushed down and up on the stick, trying to get some bearing. nothing...but confusion and the rectangles in the ice were gettin bigger. i knew i had to get the nose up, or i would die immediatly. i pulled up. i knew i had to land before i ran out of ice. i was watching the edge and not the height. i couldnt tell how high i was. it was all huge white rectangles. the plane smashed into the ice. i was thrown from my seat. the rear of the plan exploded and I could feel the searing heat on my back, and the tips of the flames bellowing into the cabin in orange plumes. shit. i HAD to get out. NOW. the main entrance was blocked by heat and flame. even if i ran through it, i would be terribly burned, if i did make it. the plane was oging to blow at any second. I had to break a window/ or pop out the screen and get out the cabin side window (ha, much like a house, ok then...)

i woke from my dream and sat straight up.
and began typing.