July 22nd, 2002

more on the vet tech program

i called the vet tech department about the animal research program/ internship. The lady on the phone was a good listener, sounded well-educated (unlike the dorks at the admissions office), and agreed with me 100% on my take on animal research. She said that the class was mostly about how to handle the animals. (rats, mice and rabbits). Shaving, injections, things like that. No actual research would take place. no tubes in the brain, etc. the research internship could be replaced by something in husbandry. the goal was to get us completely able to deal with an animal in a research (or vet) situation. i could pass this without supporting any pharmeceutical company. the class/ internship is required for the college program to be accredited, and so many students do go into research because it pays 5-7 times more than working in a clinic. fine for them, as long as i dont have to do it. she did say that there was a section of the program dealing with necrospy, but it was the instructor who did handled the dissected animal. We were responsible for identification of all the parts. I suppose this is rather crutial if I am going to be cutting around in there. So, as there are some parts of the program I am not completely comfortable with, I will not have to be causing complete havoc.

first semester, id be taking 3 classes (3 credits each),
since i could transfer a social science credit.

id need to rock that first semester because admission into the rest of the program is determined on GPA ranking and selection.
the spring semester, i COULD get out of math...but
considering i got c's in both the calc and stats classes
that i took, it would hurt my gpa. i kinda really want it
sparkling so i can do something interesting, if i can track
down some interesting research upon graduation. i got a 4.0
in high school. i can do it at a community college too.