August 3rd, 2002

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dentist: the most painful dental experience that i ever had to endure.
more on that later cause im going to bed..
but imagine strange new tools and gum health tests.

i spit more blood this afternoon than i have in my entire life..nose bleeds included.

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i called people for plans during the day today, but everyone seems to be busy. I do have an invite to a party at PS1 tonight, in LIC, and a lunch date with my sharon tomorrow.
Good enough. In the meantime, today has been total chore/ self-maintenance day. Im about to start the self-maintenance part. Dying the hair :) Waxing, plucking, redoing the nails. Shaving. Showering. Masks. all of that! yay!
in 2 hours ill be a different sexy girl.

even better that before i begin all this, i have already done all the laundry, including quilt and sheets, swept and swiffered the whole place, done the dishes and disinfected the whole kitchen and bathroom. i wanted the place sparkling for when my stacy returns. days like this are good. i feel so centered, and like i have done something.

Yeah, so tonight is either movie night with the boy or party night. i dont know which yet. maybe some of both. poor james has to be at work tomorrow at 9pm, but maybe hes up for a few hours at PS1. we shall see.

back to the dentist story..

im sitting the air conditioned waiting room of a converted brownstone on central park west. i came early because the heat was unbearable outside. my "first time visit" paperwork was filled out and in the hands of the unusually polite and articulate dental receptionists. i flipped though forbes and an issue of national geographic patiently.
at 2:50, only 5 minnutes past my schedule appointment time, I was called. Impressive. In NYC, its not unusual to wait up to an hour after your scheduled appt.

I sat and the chair and looked down at my purple flops. this would all be over in half an hour. i ws nervous, but im always nervous, and generally for no reason. Dr Klein walked in. I know this sound sexist, but I blinked when I saw it was Dr ALISON Klein. Ive never had a female dentist before. Dentist and man seem to go hand in hand. this was cool. good timing and woman dentist .
very cool.
until she started working. unlike most dentists, she didnt just check my teeth and run along. She did the whole cleaning proceedure. Ack!.
She had me open and pushed her hook down as hard as possible into my back teeth. No pain. We did some x-rays: no cavities.
"Now to cleans," she says. Ack!
She opened up a bad full of steril tools: hooks and horrible short pointed metal things" I flinched. The put a hook on a hanlde that was plugged into the wall. When turned on it made this high pitched noise worse thatn a drill. She shoved it up under my gums and in between my teeth like the hook, but it was mechanical. I kept yelling out. I squeezed my sweater so hard i could feel the sweat from my palm soaking through. I thought I was going to die and I tried to convinve myself to hold still. finally, I could stand it no longer. I yelled out stop!! (the best I could with my mouth open.

She says" seems like you have never had a cleanign with one of these" I shook my head. No way in hell!
She picked up the hook and started scraping inbetween the teeth on the front and bottom on the back side. It felt like she was pulling off cement or something. Then the hook dove between the two top teeth, in the back. I could have sworn she dug it right into my gums and ripped them down the middle. I dried out.

"rinse" she said"
I rinsed. Blood and more blood. I was worried for my mouth. I had a headache. that drill was still reverberating though my brain.

Next came the gum test. She put a hook into my gums between each tooth twice and announcced a number to her assistant. it was like a pin prick over and over and over into my already hurtng gums. I was so unhappy. Id never had this done before either.
More blood.

Polishing was the usual spinny thing with the bad tasting floride paste. fine.
My mouth hurt all afternoon.

Im never going back there ever. I hope what she did was actually good for my teeth. I dont know. it looks like i have a scrape across my front gum. ouchc