August 4th, 2002

more on the move to seattle

ok, so honestly, im going back and forth on this seattle thing.
i spoke with dad, who is VERY unhappy that I'm going to be living in a bad area of Harlem, and is even more unhappy about my work situation. I think I mentioned in a previous post that he offered to pay for James and I to move to Boise.

While this is not a possibility I could live with, I did follow up with him on the idea of helping us move to Seattle. He said that I would need to get a job Seattle first and then he would consider helping me move. "Use the internet!" he said. As we all know, it is EXTREMELY unlikely that someone would hire me before I move there. However, I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on resources to help me find employment in Seattle. (Besides hotjobs, monster, careerbuilder, etc) Are there any places I should check online that are exclusively seattle.

Also, if anyone works in Seattle, I wanted to ask if there were any openings at your company. I want to clarify that since it seems there are more and more posters claiming that i am so selfish and whiny i dont get what i want (although who cares..this is MY journal, so i can be as whiny as the next person..and we all know we are!!) but my point is, im not looking for someone to give me a job. I would just like some advise on where to start, and if you had any leads, i would be happy to follow up on them myself. I appreciate any postings.